Coinbase: GRAM and 16 more tokens planned

It took a long time for Coinbase to adjust the business model and consider new crypto currencies. Then followed policies that set out transparently what preconditions had to be met before a cryptocurrency could be recorded.

And finally, many market observers saw a small sensation in announcing 8 new cryptocurrencies and tokens for listing. Now there are even more reasons to cheer for fans of the broker and stock market platform.

Because Coinbase announced that they would like to check 17 other candidates for a listing. 

GRAM is also there

If you do the same with this list as you did with the last one, then one candidate at a time should first be listed on Coinbase Pro. After a brief period of trading, a listing would then take place on the broker, which focuses more on end consumers.

The announcement is still on top, because one of the 17 candidates is the much desired Gram Token. This could already appear in late October, when Telegrams TON Blockchain is launched.

TON could lead to massive upheavals and promote international crypto adoption. After all, each of the approximately 260 million users of Messenger would suddenly have an integrated means of payment available.