IBM wants to support Libra

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Speaking to CNBC, Jason Kelly, manager of the Group’s blockchain services, said they were open to working with Facebook when it came to developing blockchain technology.

Indeed, one is ready to bring his own customers together with Facebook and work together, said Kelly. In his opinion, the distinction between tokenization of “assets” and cryptocurrency is particularly important. 

In the aspirations of Facebook, he sees the possibility of Blockchain technology to gain more validity and legitimacy. A goal, which is pro-actively pursued by IBM. 

Behind LIbra is a consortium of companies that want to ensure in a network that the Stablecoin of Facebook can flourish. Whether IBM would dare to join this “LIbra Association” is still pure speculation.

However, it is also a fact that the companies that already participate in it enjoy a similarly high ranking internationally as IBM. Thus, it remains unclear whether this would be a viable option for both groups.

Speaking to CNBC, Kelly emphasized first and foremost the great benefits that are overlooked when it comes to Libra. And in his view, this includes the strength of DLT and blockchain technology, which IBM also wants to promote as a product. 

Germany and France have already spoken out against Libra. Both countries left no doubt that Libra wants to ban plain and simple. This step also seems to be in line with the measures initiated by the US in the G7 .

Ultimately, the richest and most powerful countries have no interest in giving up control over their currencies and making room for a solution that robs them of their monopoly at this point. 

Nevertheless, it remains conceivable that the sheet turns again. Because such a threat does not necessarily have to be the consequence of the whole, but depends heavily on how Libra would be regulated. Outside of politics, there have been voices admonishing to at least check what Facebook has to offer.