Bitcoin at $ 200,000: Bobby Lee sees a golden future

Bitcoin is by far the most popular and best known cryptocurrency. But as with all coins, opinions are not clear on its price evolution. Time and again, new forecasts are circulating about how the Bitcoin price will develop over the next few years. While some predict a dark future for the Kings Coin, others are predicting new all-time highs (ATH). Most serious hypotheses about bitcoin price development for the next few years are around $ 100,000 . But of course there are no guarantees and guarantees, only probabilities. Now Bobby Lee also speaks up and dares a forecast of $ 200,000 for BTC in the next few years.


Bitcoin will go through a new boom phase

Bobby Lee is the founder and former CEO of China’s first BTC Stock Exchange. However, this was closed in 2017 after China voted against Bitcoin and banned Crypto exchanges from trading BTC. Nevertheless, Lee is a well-known man in the crypto sector.

Now the entrepreneur has spoken up and voices the daring forecast that Bitcoin in the near to medium future could lay down a new high and the price could climb to up to $ 200,000. Specifically, Lee says:

We are in one of many, many coming cycles. Each cycle takes us to ever higher altitudes. I’m pretty confident on my Bitcoin investment, and I think that in a very short time we will exceed $ 20,000 and go to $ 50,000, $ 100,000, even $ 200,000.