Bitcoin reaches the Premier League: Bitcoin logo now on jerseys of Watford

A big English football club decides to print the Bitcoin logo on their jerseys. This campaign is apparently designed to increase the popularity of the cryptocurrency. The whole thing is sponsored by, while the funding is crowdfunding. It’s not the first time that football clubs have dealt with Bitcoin & Co.

Meanwhile, Watford sponsors the sponsorship with crowdfunding. Anyone who owns Bitcoin may contribute to the football club’s decisions regarding ad space and merchandise.

Obviously the cooperation is not easy. Because, as Le Broque emphasizes, many myths around Bitcoin & Co. are rampant. The sports companies therefore want to explain the possibilities and advantages of using cryptos. As a special promotion on the occasion of the sponsorship decision awards in case of Watford win against Arsenal free bets to all supporters.

Meanwhile, football and blockchain technology do not overlap for the first time. Premier League champion Manchester City, who plays in the same league as Watford, recently experimented with cryptocurrencies, for example. Specifically, this was about the blockchain-based development of an online game. Users also have player tokens and hereby set up their own football teams.

Apart from that, several football players have developed their own tokens in the past. A little glorious example of this is the Ronaldinho Soccer Coin . Announced in the summer of 2018, the token sale has been discontinued according to current information. Listings on crypto exchanges have not taken place.