Bitcoin Miners fueled nuclear power plant

Employees of a nuclear power plant in Ukraine used directly at the source of cheap electricity. Also in Germany there are similar bizarre cases. Because the energy consumption for digging digital coins is immense.

When you think you’ve heard it all still comes out a message that you have but never heard. So it became known that employees in a Ukrainian nuclear power plant have started to produce bitcoin. Now even the Ukrainian domestic intelligence service SBU detects. He investigates whether external attackers could possibly gain access to the nuclear power plant. ZDnet reports. What happened?

In recent years, so-called digital currencies have caused a stir. They are actually intended for payment, but they were recently rather a good thing for gamblers, since the transactions were too expensive and tedious and the price fluctuations too strong. For gamblers, however, they are ideal, as prices for a long time knew only one direction: upwards. A lot of electricity is needed to run the networks for digital currencies – currently it consumes more than 73 terrawatt hours per year, which is about as much as Austria consumes electricity.

That’s why the data centers that produce bitcoin are mostly in countries where electricity is cheap, such as in China. These so-called miners keep the network going. And here the circle closes to the Ukraine. What could be more natural than tapping the electricity right where it is produced?